Sydney Harbour Kayaks ALL DAY Sea Kayaking Course

Duration: All Day (8.30 AM to 4 PM for all dates)

Upcoming Dates:
Please call us, for up coming dates. 


This is one of our most comprehensive kayaking courses. It is ideal for intermediate paddlers, looking to refine their current skills and set a platform to greatly improve their kayaking. We recommend that you have completed our two Free Lessons (or equivalent) prior to attending this course.

We spend the morning working on several different forms of paddle strokes; Sweeps, Forward, Reverse, Draws. You will get to practice these strokes until they are natural and instinctive.

After a long 'working' lunch break we will hit the water in the afternoon and go on a paddle designed to implement the strokes learned in the morning with a special focus on steering with minimum energy and an efficient forward stroke.

Then we will spend the remainder of the afternoon performing assisted rescues as well as the all important Paddle Float Self-Rescue, which allows you to paddle confidently, knowing that should you capsize, you will be able to get back in on your own!

This course is designed to be an intensive course, but not a physically demanding one.

We place an emphasis on long and frequent rest breaks, and no special fitness levels are required since kayaking should be for all ages and sizes!

Prerequisites: Intermediate level (or have completed both of the Sydney Harbour Kayaks FREE Lessons)

Course Size: 
Minimum # of Students: 3, Maximum: 6

$120 per person (plus kayak rental, $60, if you need to rent a kayak for the course)

 Sea Kayak Lesson